July 01, 2011

Easter 2010

This year for Easter we were able to stay home and celebrate.  We started with opening presents, since the girls got up WAY early that morning.  It turned out to be a blessing so that the girls could wear their Easter dresses.  Aubrey is starting to understand who the Easter Bunny is, so that makes it that much more fun!  One thing that I haven't adapted into our tradition yet is coloring Easter eggs.  I bet the kids would have a blast, I am just not ready for the mess. 
Beautiful New Dresses!  Aubrey loves any dress that will twirl.  This dress has a small twirl that she calls a "half twirl". 
Our Family picture for that day. I need to remember to do more family pictures on fun days like this.
And while we were waiting for lunch to cook, Rebecca just couldn't make it.  She is so precious.  Aubrey doesn't fall asleep in places like this, so seeing Rebecca do just that I couldn't resist.

Kennacott Copper Mine

While Don was in school for Spring of 2011.  He had to visit 2 places on a list and then write a paper about it.  One of those was the copper mine.  I haven't been there since I was a child.  It was great to go back and see how things have changed, and stayed the same.  We were lucky that the day we went the weather held out and we actually got to go

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving last year we traveled to Arizona.  We were there for 5 days visiting with Don's family.  We stayed at Uncle Frank and Aunt Tammy's house.  It was amazing that we all fit!

I loved being down on vacation and seeing where some of his family lives.  They had just bought a new home and were very excited to show it off.  It was a beautiful home.  They had plenty of land for the kids to run on.  It was amazing!  I have to say my favorite part was that when we left, we made it to Arizona to see the sun rise over the dessert plains.  It was breathtaking!  I wish my camera wasn't packed away alas it was.  Here are a few pics from the wonderful family vacation. 

This was Thanksgiving day.  We were "Skype" ing with Don's uncle and his family from Japan.  Don's Grandma was there was well.  It was great to talk to family from such a far distance. 

One of the sunsets that I was able to catch.  The picture does NOT do it justice. 

My sweet little angel.  She did so well on the trip, even better than I expected. 

This was taken on the way home.  We literally had been in the car 5 minutes and she was out!  You can see that toys were a great help in keeping them occupied. 

While down there I celebrated my birthday.  It was wonderful to celebrate with family.  And I got a trip out of it!  We were able to see Harry Potter #7 part 1 while we were there with no kids and than was a great date night. 

Family Pictures

We had these taken in Arizona at Thanksgiving last year.  A little late I know, but non the less a family picture. 

February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Playing with mom's lip stain and gloss.

February 13, 2011

The Many Smiles of Rebecca.

There are so many times when pulling out my camera I am faced with this:
A Smiling Happy Baby Girl! 

 Eating cake and loving every last bite!

 This look was her puzzled, cause she couldn't figure out why she couldn't play with Colby's toy.

And recently, any chance she has she likes to get my computer, on or not, and "play games."  Oh my smart kiddos become more like their dad everyday!  Here she is caught in the act. 

Guilty As Charged!

February 11, 2011

Dress up with Cousins!

While we watched the Superbowl, all the grown ups were able to witness the GREATEST Fashion Show On Earth!!!

Here are the many NEW Fashion trends of the season!

Snow White


Minnie Mouse and Barbie Fashionista

Litttle Mermaid


 Belle, Summer Lovin, Minnie Mouse, and Barbie Fashionista

 Beach Cover ups, Ballerina Flats, and Bathroom Robes

January 23, 2011

Our Baby!

We were SO BLESSED to have our baby boy come and live with us after 4 years!  It is so great to have him home, and he is adjusting as well as we had hoped.  Here are a few pictures from the day he came home and how lovely it was!

Swimming Lessons

 For the month of January we signed Aubrey up for swimming lessons.  She was so excited to go 3 times a week.  She loved being able to wear her two Ariel swimsuits.  And boy getting her out of the water was a chore. 

There were so many things as a mother that I loved about this class.  I enjoyed being able to watch her learn new things everyday.  There was only her and one other kid in her class so the attention was always there.  It just made me feel safe for her, not being able to be in the water with her.  Her teacher was AMAZING!  I loved that she was informative to the parents and explained the areas that she needed to work on.  She passed her first class with flying colors.  She has two things that she can do, but needs practice.  So excited for the next time she goes back. 

New Years!

For New Year's it was pretty exciting around here.  We started the evening with a light dinner, followed by fireworks.  Not to mention how COLD it was out there.  Frozen hands in a matter of moments, but Oh was it fun!

And just after this picture was taken at 7:40 pm.... the kids were PJ'd and in bed at 8. 
For the rest of the evening Don and I watched movies and took it easy.  When Midnight hit it was kissy kissy and then bed!  Hope your New Years was great and you partied like there was no tomorrow!